About Elumus

Frustrated with enterprise software routinely failing to meet expectations, we set out to create a truly differentiated customer experience.

Being customers ourselves with over 60 years combined experience in marketing, business operations, supply chain management and software engineering, we decided to start our design from the customer’s point of view.

Our Software

We believe the best user experience for a business is one that delivers on three fronts:

  1. Tailored to your specific operations
  2. Simple and pleasant to interact with
  3. Accessible how, when and where you want

While these goals are clearly easier said than done, we've spent the past three years building our business software from the ground up, rethinking everything along the way in order to achieve them.

Tailored Solutions

We created an extensible, high-level programming language named Business Assembly™ ("BA") that automates discrete tasks common to most business processes.

BA simplifies these tasks to such a degree, and makes combining them with other tasks to create any given workflow so easy, that customizing the system takes a fraction of the time compared to traditional business software.

And less time customizing means faster implementation and lower cost.

User Experience

The system also takes a novel approach to the user interface: A “wizard”-like interface is used for every business process.

This makes executing even complex workflows as simple as pushing a button.

It also ensures that every process adheres to your best practices and internal controls—every time.

So not only is it easy for the operator, but also for the auditor.

Available How, When and Where You Want

Our software was designed from the start to live in the cloud. So it’s available anywhere, anytime and on any device—online or off.

This means that every feature (not just a subset of features) can run on (and be usable from) any modern device and web browser—from smart phones, to tablets, to PCs.