AI Logistics Platform for Streamlined Operations

Our cutting-edge AI-powered Logistics Platform revolutionizes the industry by:

Simplified Customization

We’ve integrated AI with our patented software platform. With our software, you can customize the user interface screen and workflow to align to your process. Simply type a prompt in English in our customization window and our system reprograms to match your business needs!


Our platform automates routine follow-up tasks, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors. Generate accurate sales quotes swiftly and accurately, empowering your sales team to close deals efficiently.

Data Integration

Using our patented software platform, we aggregate data from various sources, creating a unified view of prospects, customers, quotes, and shipment flow.


Key Benefits

Resource Reallocation

By automating core workflow components, logistics providers can redirect their resources from repetitive tasks to more valuable activities like customer acquisition and improving the customer experience.

Efficiency Boost

All your contacts, quotations, and inventory in one place. Streamlined operations lead to faster response times, reduced delays, and improved customer satisfaction. Forget manual data entry, reduce time spent on processing invoices and statements with zero-touch workflow automation.

Operational Effectiveness

Our solution enhances overall efficiency, improves documentation, creates greater visibility into tracking sales and improved customer communications through our CRM platform. As a cloud-based system, multiple operations around the country or the world can have permission-based access to any of the data they may need.

Customer Success Stories

Elumus has been a vital part of Port X Logistics since our founding in 2017.

As a premium CRM, it has provided both ease of use for our Sales and Operations teams and as well has allowed for efficiency in managing sales leads, customers and operational quotes.

The collaboration between the sales and operational functions is top notch and allows to track sales leads, customer account and quoting growth, success, and other key metrics.

Elumus is flexible and fluid when it comes to needing additions and changes. We are not locked into “what is there” but instead are allowed to float ideas and watch as the team crafts them into reality.

Our productivity and results both in sales and operations has been exponentially assisted by Elumus, more so than any other CRM could offer and manage.

- Pat Morrison, V.P. of Sales, Port X Logistics

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